Original oil paintings from photos of your pets,

glamorized to reflect their unique personalities

Cheryl and dogs

My name is Cheryl DuBois Graves and i invite you to browse through the many wonders of art as I see it. I am an artist, an artist that stops and smells every flower and turns each stone. In my collection you will find a variety of pieces from bold abstract to the softest and serene ballerinas - and cute to contemplating nudes. Due to popular demand I have an extensive collection of glamorous dogs .As an artist I have found that painting dog portraits is true love and freedom on a canvas. Dogs have so much personality, fun, love, and tender moments, when combined with the fluid motion of oil on canvas, it is a serene place, a space of free expression.


I began my life on canvas in 1994. I painted one canvas while attending a tole-painting class. Although i very much enjoyed the class i did not continue on. I picked up a brush again in 2004 and have continued to paint and flourish as an artist. Whenever I get stuck and need some inspiration, I listen to Pink Martini and lLatin-dance my way into the mood.


As the proud owner of three dogs, two cats and lots of fish I have a love for pets. Our dog Bonsai, a black and white English Springer Spaniel has modeled for many a painting. He has been especially easy to work with in his photo shoots because as a show dog he has had a lot of obediance and confirmation training. Our youngest dog, a white German Shepard is the softest, kindest and soon to be show dog we have ever had. He will begin his modeling and show career this fall.


On www.myartoriginals.com I use the finest oil paint and pencil sketching, usually on stretched canvas. Even though acrylic paint and textures seem to be the popular choice of today, I prefer oil for the workability anytime I need to bring the painting to life. In my first year I attempted to paint my favorite things, an aspen grove, red poppies, a few Mount Hood scenes and some abstracts. Over the next few years I have added nudes, ballerinas, roosters, glamoroug dogs, Asian art and still -life. In 2010 I began a collection of famous home renditions by Frank Lloyd Wright and another collection of English Springer Spaniels. I have now found my true love - architecture and free-painting combined. I have always had a deep passion for architecture and design and Frank Lloyd Wright. I plan on continuing the FLW renditions and hope to attract the attention of some collectors and professional business offices. This winter I plan to paint Timberline Lodge, Multnomah Falls Lodge, Crown Point, Mary Hill Museum and the amphitheater George Washington in the Gorge. I am enjoyng working with interior designers on consignment pieces (great fun).


Not everyone can have a custom original painting so I have added prints. Prints from original paintings in all shapes and sizes - some in frames.


My art can be found in places like, Art in the Pearl, Art in the Park Blocks, First Thursday, Bridgeport Brew Pub and the Saturday Market. Glam Dog Portraits can be located at dog shows and events like Eucanuba and Jack Onifrio, Stump Town Cluster and Rose City Dog Show Expo Center - all in Portland, Oregon. Featured art can also be found at the Gresham Art Walk, Dog Town, Dog World Veterinary clinic in Gresham, Oregon and NW Veterinary Specialist in Clackamas, Oregon. Join me during First Friday in Troutdale, Oregon at Rip Caswell Galleries.